About Us

I love you from my head to-my-toes!

Here at Potato Tomato we love making great tasting cruelty-free foods, we are located down at the harbour market (http://harbourmarketwhitstable.co.uk/ ) where we have our little beach hut.  We also have our vegan eatery which is on Whitstable high street.  Having both locations allows us to provide delicious unpretentious vegan food, which is designed to be packed full of flavour!  The hut is a fastfood haven and the eatery is there for anyone who wants to sit down and enjoy a delicious treat. 

Catering for everyone

We also offer gluten free options some of these options include; Cornish pies, Superfood salads and a banana, walnut and chocolate cake

All lovingly made for you to enjoy

Nom nom nom!